12 Days of Christmas









Welcome to the 2018 Bavaria BMW 12 Days of Christmas event. Starting from December 12th, a special item will be on sale daily. Offers are valid for 24 hours. We will post updates on our social media platforms( Instagram,  Facebook or Twitter ). CONTEST DETAILS scroll down.

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Day 1

Wednesday, December 12th

Day 2

Thursday, December 13th

Day 3

Friday, December 14th

Day 4

Saturday, December 15th

Day 5

Sunday, December 16th

Day 6

Monday, December 17th

Day 7

Tuesday, December 18th
15% OFF

Day 8

Wednesday, December 19th

Day 9

Thursday, December 20th
            15% OFF

   Day 10

Friday, December 21st

   Day 11

Saturday, December 22nd

Day 12

Sunday, December 23rd

How to it works:

From December 12th to the 23rd visit any of our social media platforms( Instagram,  Facebook or Twitter )
for daily announcements on specials!  

Note: This event ends Sunday, December 23rd.