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At a glance:

– World premiere at the Paris Motor Show (4–14 October 2018);
market launch: 9 March 2019.
– A small increase in size, superior aerodynamics; weight reduced
by up to 55 kilograms.
– The exterior design featuring new BMW design language with
re-interpretation of classic BMW design elements.
– New interior: sophisticated materials, innovative display, and
control concept and plenty of room.
– New: BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant: voice-controlled digital
assistant with user-definable wake word.
– Launch with BMW 320d and 330i, followed closely by 318d,
330d, 320i; M Performance and PHEV models by late 2019.
– BMW 3 Series offers driver assistance systems for automated
driving at the highest level possible today (level 2).
– Media wowed by handling and agility after first prototype test
drives on the Nürburgring.

The BMW 3 Series Sedan is the iconic compact sports sedan. Over 40 years ago, it established a new vehicle segment: the sporty
compact executive car, with a powerful engine, emotive design and the kind of responsive handling and performance that made driving
a sheer pleasure. To this day, those are the virtues that define the core values of the BMW brand. The six generations of the best-selling
BMW 3 Series and its derivatives have sold more than 15 million times so far – and spring 2019 will see the launch of the seventh
generation, complete with a multitude of innovative highlights. The new BMW 3 Series Sedan benefits from slightly increased dimensions
and a new, striking design language that clearly sets it apart from its predecessor visually. The interior boasts enhanced premium appeal,
more room in the back and equipment options from the luxury class. In terms of handling and agility, the new premium sports sedan once
again raises the bar to new heights. The same applies to its driver assistance systems for partly automated driving. It also includes a worldfirst,
the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, enabling easy and natural voice communication with the BMW 3 Series. It adds a digital
personality to the vehicle that can be addressed by saying “Hey BMW” or – and this is unique – by using a customer-defined wake word.
Today’s issue of Product News tells you everything you need to know about the new BMW 3 Series Sedan, its unique abilities and the
many strengths that give it its competitive advantage.

Characteristic lines, smoked taillights, larger tailpipes.

The BMW 3 Series silhouette with its long wheelbase, short overhangs, slightly coupé-like
roofline and Hofmeister kink in the C-pillar displays the new, dynamic design language to
maximum effect. Two lines in the shoulder area create visual movement in the direction of
travel; a third line in the side sill directs energy to the side and to the rear-wheel drive.
Another distinguishing characteristic is the aerodynamic spoiler lip at the rear, which adds
to the compact impression made by the rear overhang. The slim, three-dimensional
taillights are L-shaped, their narrow shape emphasized by the use of smoked glass. The
two tailpipes, one on each side, are more conspicuous and have a diameter of 80 or 90
millimeters, depending on the engine.
As before, in addition to the basic version, the new BMW 3 Series Sedan will also be
available in Sports Line, Luxury Line, and M Sport package versions, each offering a different
range of interior and exterior design features. There are also five new exterior colors.

Interior: sophisticated, more generous and with
BMW Live Cockpit.

The cockpit of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan has a sporty and elegant ambiance that
makes for an instant feel-good factor. The eye is immediately drawn to the new, slender
instrument panel, which seems to float above the center console. Slim electroplated trim
elements add contemporary premium appeal, while also emphasizing the vehicle’s width.
The central display is positioned at the same height as the instrument cluster, so the two
form a visual unit. The lower screen position also means that the driver has a clearer view of
the road compared to the predecessor model. When deactivated, the homogeneous dark
display surface adds a premium, high-tech feel to the interior.

BMW Live Cockpit Professional for personalized displays.

In terms of visual cockpit displays, BMW 3 Series drivers can choose between three
different concepts: the standard BMW Live Cockpit with the central touchscreen display, the
optional BMW Live Cockpit Plus with two large analog instruments for the speedometer
and rev counter and an 8.8-inch central touchscreen display, and the optional
BMW Live Cockpit Professional with Operating System 7.0. The BMW Live Cockpit
Professional combines digital display and control functions on a freely configurable
12.3-inch instrument cluster and a 10.25-inch touchscreen Control Display. Other
innovative features available include BMW Gesture Control and – making its debut – the
new BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. The BMW Live Cockpit Professional is
distinguished by its clear display structure and user-configurable screen displays. Drivers
can change the colors of the speedometer and rev counter and add additional displays.
The right-hand side of the instrument cluster can be used in an intuitive manner to display
contents from the Control Display (such as CD cover art, playlists, etc.). When vehicle
functions are displayed, this is indicated by an image of the actual vehicle in the Control

Complete package with Connected Package Professional.

The optional Connected Package Professional adds further functions controlled by
the Intelligent Personal Assistant. The In-Car Experiences (free for three months, then
renewable via the Store) provide the driver with two “Caring Car Programmes” (Relax and
Vitalize). These combine ambient lighting, air conditioning, music, and sunroof shading in
such a way that there is a relaxing or vitalizing effect within three minutes. A simple “Hey
BMW, I am tired” for example is enough to start the Vitalize programme.
The Connected Package Professional also includes the Intelligent Functions service.
The “Automate my Habits” function included in this learns the customer’s preferred
settings and after a while suggests automating them. Initially, this will pertain to activation of
the seat heating, with other settings to follow later on. The rules can also be defined
manually before activation is learned.
The following functions controlled via the BMW Connected app will continue to be
available: Weather Guard (for bad-weather warnings), Predictive Pre-Conditioning, and
Connected Command (control of different vehicle functions such as air conditioning,
entertainment and navigation via the customer’s smartphone).
As with all BMW connectivity features, customers using the
BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant decide themselves which data they would like to
release in order to use the services. The settings can be individually adjusted or
deactivated in the menu.


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