About Us 

Welcome to Bavaria BMW, Edmonton's original BMW dealership. Independently owned and operated, it is our business to propel the excellence that is BMW to new heights here in Alberta. We are amply equipped to meet all of your BMW needs, whether it be through our friendly and professional sales team, knowledgeable, or our superb facility.

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Bavaria BMW Core Values

  1. Attitude
    Team members must always have a positive attitude when dealing with customers and colleagues. The conduct of an individual affects the environment as a whole.

  2. Trust
    We must uphold trust in all professional interactions, including customers and teammates, demonstrated through both our words and actions.

  3. Respect
    In order to gain respect, always treat others with respect. We must show respect to individuals, their privacy, the workplace, and property.

  4. Honesty
    We must be honest and up front in all matters pertaining to ourselves, our teammates, and our customers.

  5. Responsibility
    Team members are accountable for their own actions. Successfully achieving goals is the result of individuals being responsible for both themselves and the team.


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